About Us


We created MANUSHKA to provide an avenue for our mom to showcase her love for wonderful products.

Our mom Vasudha is a strong, go-getter woman who always inspired us to dream big. Growing up, she took us to many colorful, lively markets filled with gorgeous fabrics, handicrafts and unique products. This was where our true love for artisanal products, fabrics & intricate details began.

Shilpa is an engineer turned entrepreneur. After working on wall street for three years, she followed her passion in Brand Strategy and Interior Design. In the journey of following passions, Shilpa started Madras Kaapi , a South Indian coffee company in the heart of Toronto. 

Shreya is the supporting actor of MANUSHKA. A Lawyer turned Educator, she has always been an advocate of women being financially independent Currently, Shreya is pursuing her master's in Design Learning and Technology at Harvard School of Education. 

Thank you for supporting our mothers passion in building a community around beautiful products.  

Love to the MANUSHKA Tribe, 
Vasudha, Shilpa & Shreya ( As seen in the pic)